No Waste Race

The world's first Zero Waste 5k.

September 7th, 2018 at 6am

Registration Deadline: August 24th

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Hopefully you can catch us next year! Here's a write up on how the event went: NoWasteRace Wrap-Up

Achieving true zero waste in society is a daunting challenge, one that leaves many overwhelmed and unwilling to even start looking for solutions. We live in a world where trying to cut down on your carbon footprint and consume less plastic is met with resistance almost every step of the way. Until we need to ask for plastic, napkins, and little packets of ketchup instead of having them force fed to us, nothing is going to change.

No Waste Race participants will show everyone just how possible a zero waste existence can be when we try at it!

What am I signing up for?

The world’s first zero waste 5k! We’re having it early in the morning on a weekday so that we don’t cut into your weekend plans and so you can still make it to work. After the race we’ll have coffee, bagels, and juice to eat as we celebrate what we’ve just accomplished - the first 5k in the world that produced no waste!

The Responsibilities of a Participant:

  • Bring your own water bottle.

    We will have fill up stations and your full bottle waiting for you at the finish.

  • Bring your travel mug.

    If you want any juice or coffee you're going to need something to put it in.

  • Bring any plates/silverware you might want.

    Tapas restaurants are popular these days, so let that Spanish energy flow and just eat your bagles from the table with everyone else!

Race Accomodations:

  • Need to store a bag?

    We will have a bag drop that will be staffed by one of our volunteers during the race.

  • What about bathrooms?

    The public restroom at Confluence Park will be closed, but ink! Coffee will be open by 6am. Remember, this race is a proof of concept, not the NYC Marathon - we appreciate your flexibility.

  • Will there be water?

    Absolutely. We will have more than enough water at our filling station.

Do you want to run with us as we make history?

Yes, sign me up!

Registration Deadline: August 24th

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